Jewelry Care

Frequent wear will help to preserve the finishing and patina of your jewelry.  We recommend that pieces be stored in their protective pouches when they're not being worn.  We coat each of our pieces with a museum conservation-grade protective hypoallergenic wax to create a barrier and preserve the finish of the jewelry, but it will degrade with wear and over time.


Depending on your body's pH levels, brass jewelry may discolor your skin- this happens most often with pieces that sit close to the skin, like rings.  This is no cause for alarm; as brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, this is normal and will wash off.  

If your brass pieces begin to tarnish, we recommend gently treating them with a commercially available polishing cloth.  You can also use a mixture of mild dish detergent and water: using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently clean the pieces, rinse, and dry well.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver oxidizes over time; to remove the oxidation, commercially available polishing cloths are the best option. 

Gemstones Crushed Stone Inlay

Pieces with gemstones and crushed stone inlay can be cleaned per the above, taking care to avoid subjecting gemstones to any scrubbing.  Inlay bracelets and rings can be worn safely during normal activities like washing your hands or dishes- just wipe off any excess water that may accumulate on the surface.

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